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31 Mac 2011

[NEWS] Big Bang gears up for “Inkigayo” comeback

By releasing their teaser for “Stupid Liar” earlier today, Big Bang sparked the official hype for their double title track comeback, which will be held in two weeks.

On April 1st, YG Entertainment revealed, “Big Bang will be releasing their special edition album on April 8th. Kicking off with SBS’s ‘Inkigayo‘ on the 10th, Big Bang will be beginning their official promotions once more.”

They continued, “‘Stupid Liar’ has an impressive level of perfection that made it a strong title track contender for Big Bang’s fourth mini-album. ‘Love Song' and the other eight tracks will also be found soon.”

Upon hearing the 30-second teaser for “Stupid Liar,” fans had excitedly commented, “I got goose bumps,” and “It has a very fresh sound!”

Source: Sports Today via Nate
Translation: AKP

credit : bigbangupdates

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